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Ruff Cycles Satteltasche links Saddle Bag Leather The Ruffian (schwarz)

Artikelnummer 41022
inkl. 19% MwSt.
zzgl. 4,95*Versandkosten & Gewicht
Sofort Verfügbar 1 - 4 Werktage
Artikeldetails für Ruff Cycles Satteltasche links Saddle Bag Leather The Ruffian (schwarz)
Fahrtrichtung gesehen.

Handmade to precision. This saddle bag is especially created for the Ruffian.
It fits on the Chain stays and retraces the contour of the Ruffian Line.
This way it blends in with the complete Ruffian to not only look gorgeous
but also stays practical to fit larger items like Notebooks and other stuff.

The inside is lined with the smooth fabric and contains
an inner pocket for small items like keys, pens or anything you take on your tour.
To keep the bags closed we used the classic buckle,
it fits perfectly to the design of the bag and protects you items savely.

The Saddle Bags comes in two colors Ranger Brown or Full Grain Black leather.

All assembly material is enclosed with the bag.

pro Stück
Material  Leder
Farbe      Schwarz
Größe     48 x 14 x 41 cm
Gewicht  2kg

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