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    Teile    Teile    Anbauteile    Radschützer    Fußrasten-Set il Buddy/Biggie

Ruff Cycles Fußrasten-Set il Buddy/Biggie (schwarz)

Artikelnummer 41182
inkl. 19% MwSt.
Sofort Verfügbar 1 - 4 Werktage
Artikeldetails für Ruff Cycles Fußrasten-Set il Buddy/Biggie (schwarz)
Fußstützen Schwarz Horizontal - Lil' Buddy/Biggie

Our footrests are a perfect addition for our Lil’Buddy,
this way you can take a kid with you sittin in front of you
and keep its feet on the footrests.
If not needed just simply flip them together.

This way they don't stick out and are safe out
of the way if you are taking a ride by yourself.
Hard and resistible steel makes sure these hold long and support the weight.
The footrests are anodized black to avoid any oxidation process.

Length of the footrest itself is 70mm.

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